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11 Snapchat Accounts Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

Think Snapchat is all fun and games? Think again. These accounts are fun and IQ rocketing!

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1. @LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

If you're not already following them, you're missing out on the greatest educational Snapchat of all time. Statues with Mean Girls quotes and paintings with rap lyrics. Get your daily dose of fine art and fine memes in one sitting.

2. @NASA

It's not rocket science! OK... Maybe it is. See behind-the-scenes at NASA, along with news and cool facts. You'll learn a lot about rocket science and maybe even take a trip to the farthest reaches of the galaxy currently discovered!

4. @edmw_shatters

Combine random facts, outrageous descriptions of everyday life and the brain of a leader and what do you get? A hilarious, original thinker with encouraging thoughts and entrepreneurial advice.

5. @salliasnap

Yes, she doodles like a goddess. But she also is an engineer and hosts a weekly segment called SalliaScience. This gal both arts and sciences and is hilarious and inspiring to women everywhere.

6. @NewYorkerMag

Check out what it takes to run a nearly 100 year old magazine. Whether you read the magazine or not, it's like job shadowing working on a magazine. You'll see the daily work and creative spirit of the world of press!

7. @SpoonTV

The Snapchat home of Spoon University, the food website for college students everywhere. Their snapchat is run by students at their partnering universities, so you never know where you'll be when you check out their snaps! Learn about food and campus life in one place.

8. @WTFfacts

Want a couple random and weird facts every single day? You'll never know what you learn with this Snapchat account. Today I learned most airplane pilots aren't allowed to have beards... What will you learn today?

10. @natgeo

National Geographic knows what's up. Get quick facts, awesome behind-the-scenes looks and breathtaking photography, right on your Snapchat feed. Basically everything you expect from them, but in less than 10 seconds.

11. @justinkan

The guy who created the site that became, Justin knows tech like nobody's business. His snaps range from life advice to entrepreneurial behind-the-scenes looks to some of the best Snapchat Q&As the world has ever seen.

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