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Tips For You To Stay Safe In Oman – Things To Remember And Be Wary Of To Perfect Your Stay

Oman is one of the most geographically magnificent nations in the Arab world, with a bounty of astonishing attractions for you to experience. Just remember these things during your adventure.

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Have a Good Spare Tyre / Via

If you’re in Oman and looking to drive yourself around, always make sure the spare tyre is in good condition, especially if you’re using a rental. This is because the temperatures of Oman are generally quite hot, and tyres can get damaged quite easily.

Cover Up as Much as You Can / Via

Oman is a Muslim country, so if you’re going to public beaches it’s best to cover your shoulders at the very least. If you’re staying at Oman luxury resorts including the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar, you can generally wear your usual swimwear.

The People are Friendly and Are Mostly Expatriates / Via

Around half of Oman’s population consist of expatriates, so you are unlikely to find much trouble where language is concerned unless you travel to the particularly rural areas.

The Weekend is From Friday to Saturday / Via

Friday is an Islamic holiday, so expect crowd-congestion at most tourist destinations on these two days. The weekdays run from Sunday till Thursday, and this is when places are least crowded.

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