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The Dutch Reformed Church

A Galle Attraction When the Dutch took over Galle from the Portuguese, an army officer built this church in the year 1754. With many attractions from the different eras in the past, the Dutch Reformed Church is a prominent one in town.

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Николай Максимович / Via

Graveyard shifts / Via

This does not mean what you think it does, in this case, the headstones from old graveyards were literally shifted to the new church after they were closed down.

Organ no more / Via

A mammoth pipe organ that can be played manually sits inside the Church but is not in use anymore.

Happy agent / Via

A lively old caretaker lives in the Church and would love you to show you around, if you decide to take a stroll outside one of the many hotels to stay at in Galle, like Mosvold Hotels.

Basement secrets / Via

History says that there are unused tunnels at the bottom of the church, which directly leads to the Governor’s House in Galle.

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