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Nightlife In Clarke Quay Riverside – Partying It Up In Singapore’s Legendary Wharf

Clarke Quay is one of Singapore’s most famous entertainment areas, and if you’re looking for the best nightlife that the nation has to offer, then there are few places more appropriate to explore.

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Bar Cocoon

kduangelhuei / Via

This is one of the most ambient locales in Singapore, and the exquisite interior of the famous lounge will surely inhabit your dreams for many nights after a visit. Be sure to bring a jacket, however, since this place boasts Singapore’s first ice-bar.

Beer Market

thebestsingapore / Via

This is definitely one of the unique concepts for a lounge/bar in Singapore, where the prices of beers are organised and displayed in a manner similar to a stock exchange, with trending beers being sold at higher costs to ones that aren’t as popular. If you find yourself nearby at a place such as Park Hotel Clarke Quay, be sure to drop by the Beer Market at least once.

Canvas Nightclub

thehoneycombers / Via

This is one of the newer nightclubs to appear in Singapore, but the venue itself is no stranger to the scene since it previously hosted one of the city’s most popular nocturnal hubs. Canvas is an appropriate name for this club since it is an art gallery by day.


bestourism / Via

With white interiors, wheelchairs as seating, and an incredible collection of hospital paraphernalia incorporated to the club’s interior and furnishings, this is truly one of the most captivating and uniquely themed venues in the city for a night out.

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