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Guide To Live In Sri Lanka –Settling In Sri Lanka 101

Visiting this little sliver of heaven is one thing and living in it is another. Here are some pointers if you are planning to move to the tropical haven of Sri Lanka.

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For a country that attracts millions of tourists on an annual basis, Sri Lanka surprisingly caters to all kinds of budgets when it comes to living costs. City of Colombo features a range of restaurants and eateries from traditional cuisine to any international flavour renditions, and the food comes in all prices. Utility expenses are dependent on usage and there are great deals for internet and cellular packages.

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From the cheapest options that feature basic needs to the most luxurious of the living spaces, Sri Lanka welcomes all kinds of whims and fancies. If you are planning to base yourself in the bustling commercial hub of Colombo and on the lookout for some luxury, ongoing projects such as Capitol TwinPeaks can be your best bet!

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The metropolis is always flooded with public transport options including trains. If you prefer private transport, you can choose from the cheapest to luxurious and expensive transport options that range from trishaws or “tuk tuks” to comfortable cabs. Integrated transport services that don’t burn a hole in your pocket such as Uber and PickMe are also available here.

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