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Four Reasons To Live In Kunming – The City Of Eternal Spring

When one thinks of living in a Chinese city one tends to think of hordes of mask-clad people walking shoulder-to-shoulder in a dystopian setting. Kunming happens to be the complete opposite of that.

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Living Costs

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Kunming has pretty much everything you would need from a big city, but living costs are significantly lower than cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Given that conditions here are better as well, you get a superior experience for a lower price.

Countless Travel Opportunities!

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The array of places to see and things to experience in Kunming and the extended Yunnan Province is incredible, and it includes rainforests, heritage sites, and mythical places such as Shangri-La. There are also many resorts and hotels to choose from such as Grand Park Kunming.


Kunming isn’t called the city of eternal spring for nothing, the weather is always favourable, and although it snows every now and then, the usual comfortable atmosphere returns within a few days. It is truly extraordinary.

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