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Climbing The Jabal Al Akhdar Mountain Has Become A Must For Adventure Travellers In Oman – The Grand Canyon Of Oman

Jabal al Akhdar is one of Oman’s most renowned hallmarks, and is one of the nation’s top tourist destinations, and is an ideal place to experience the astonishing rugged beauty of Oman.

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The Bani Riyam tribe that ruled the area built one of their most ambitious fortresses in Jabal al Akhdar, and you can experience the ruins yourself. Do note however that they are currently under restoration.

The Green Mountain

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Jabal Akhdar translates to ‘Green Mountain’, and this is because it is widely utilised for the purpose of agriculture; you can discover pomegranates, grapes, apricots, walnuts, and peaches grown in abundance here.

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