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    WTF Is Dyngus Day?

    It's a Polish holiday that comes the day after Easter each year. You douse people with buckets of water, hit them, drink, and polka. Happy Dyngus Day Everyone!

    Traditionally, men will toss water on a woman of their affection.

    Take that, wench! Er, future wife?

    And not a single pieprzyć was given.

    ...Or swat them with a switch from a pussy willow tree.

    In modern Dyngus Day celebrations, the affection (abuse?) is equal among the sexes.

    Honestly, this one is unsettling.

    The ladies have the chance to retaliate the next day, when its tradition to throw DISHES AND CROCKERY at their male suitors.

    No word on whether or not men have taken to this practice in the spirit of equality. Chances are slim (we hope).

    Polka. So. Much. Polka.

    Its a Polish holiday, duh!

    People in Buffalo, NY get really excited about it

    Famous Participants

    That dude is Frank Gorshin, or, THE ORIGINAL RIDDLER FROM BATMAN. Seriously, it gets no more awesome than that.

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