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    This Guy Hears Colors Because He Can't See Them

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Thanks to a microchip in his brain, Neil Harbisson now hears colors.

    Besides having the coolest haircut AND best outfit I've seen in a decade, Neil Harbisson was born to a completely grayscale world. He can now perceive color through tones emitted from a sensor in front of his head to a chip in the back of his brain. He even dreams in color now.

    How he saw the world before 2004.

    And now, after the sensor? "It sounds like...grass."

    "I'm dressed in C Major."

    Because of the way he now perceives the world, some strange quirks have arisen, for instance, the ability to "see" songs:

    How Mozart's Queen of The Night Aria Looks:

    How Justin Bieber's "Baby" Looks