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    50 People Get Free "Game Of Thrones" Tattoos, Including BuzzFeed

    So, "Game Of Thrones" Season Two premieres on Sunday, and HBO promoted it by giving away GOT sigil tattoos at the home of TLC's "NY Ink". Yup, 100% real, 100% permanent tattoos. So, naturally, we went. With cameras. And our own guy, Tanner, got a Baratheon tattoo. He has a low threshold for pain. It's pretty funny.


    The line at Wooster Street Social Club in New York City, where "NY Ink" is filmed. Only the first 50 would get a "Game of Thrones" tattoo. The guy at the front of the line got there at 2:00am.


    Everyone in line was getting interviewed. This was, after all, a promotional event meant to drum up publicity for Sunday's premiere.


    Obviously, more than 50 people showed up. There were upwards of 100 disappointed "Game of Thrones" fans.


    One of the tattoo artists at the prep station. Notice the finger condoms and disposable razors (the razors are for shaving off body hair so the artist has a clean canvas).


    Tools of the trade.


    Security was tight. Had to keep the horde from nerdrushing the parlor.


    Wooster Street Social Club is a massive space.


    Ami James, star of "NY Ink," is predictably the one with all the tattoos in the red shirt. The director of the show preps Ami in the calm before the storm.


    The first batch of 10 is funneled through the cattle chute.


    Here are temporary tattoo versions of the sigils, for those of us whose commitment to "Game of Thrones" does not extend to permanent scarification. The lion head is the House of Lannister, the stag head is the House of Baratheon, the giant squid (kraken) is the House of Greyjoy, the three-headed dragon is the House of Targaryen and the wolf head is the House of Stark.


    The scene looked fairly chaotic, but somehow everything managed to run smoothly.


    One of the first batch gets a stag head. The Baratheon sigil, anecdotally, was the most popular tat of the day.


    Troy Denning of Invisible NYC gets fittingly medieval.



    This dude had to have his leg shaved before he could get his sigil.


    Another fine, freshly shaved Baratheon.


    This guy was live Tweeting his tattoo from Ami James.


    Check out Ami's black gloves.


    This is Jennifer Landi-Herrera, and I'm not entirely sure why she had to stand on the table.


    Jennifer gets a Stark from Troy Denning of Invisible NYC.


    Jennifer and her uncle caught the 5:30am train from Long Island to stand in line at 6am. She had really cool contact lenses.


    Jennifer's uncle, David Herrera prepares to get the Stark sigil on his calf. For people getting tattoos on places other than their arms, tables were set out. They were basically massage tables, with holes for your face and everything.


    Kaitlyn D'agostino got a hip tattoo from Zac Scheinbaum of Saved Tattoo and cared not a whit that her panties would be on national television. She was awesome.


    A temporary tattoo of the Greyjoy sigil. Very few people went under the needle for this one. Apparently, as one fan waiting in line put it, "Greyjoys are douches."


    Our man Tanner Ringerud gets his Baratheon sigil from Ami James.


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