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    New York's Pride Parade In 31 Photos

    New York's annual Pride March brought out dancing, costumes, and much rejoicing.

    1. Prepare yourself...

    2. Because the attire is not what you see everyday.

    3. It might get pretty skimpy, in fact.

    4. So wave your little rainbow flag!

    5. Or your big white sheet.

    6. Just get your hands up.



    9. Reach out to high five a stranger.

    10. And approach the world with open arms.



    13. Because we're all beautiful.

    14. Even if Ricky Martin photobombs you.

    15. Or if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his lady love Sandra Lee photobomb you.

    16. You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.


    18. Or make a goofy face.

    19. But do be as fierce as humanly possible.




    23. Just make sure you share it with your family.

    24. Get the kids involved!

    25. At least bring them along for the ride.

    26. Because they can be amazingly adorable in the car window.

    27. But remember that not everything happens in a single split second, so keep on going until you're there.

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