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Why It's Great To Be A Morning Person

Waking up every day? Psh. Yeah, being a morning person is totally awesome.

1. Sunrises, baby!

2. You feel so much more productive.

3. You get to actually enjoy your breakfast hamburger versus just rushing out the door.

4. Less traffic.

5. You have time to really get ready for work and look polished like an adult.

6. You can squeeze in some quality time with your personal computer.

7. You have time to practice your early-morning synchronized dance routine with your two best friends!

8. You get to have cuddle time with your pets.

9. You're able to get up and plan your whole day.

10. You get to actually have your morning birthday cake and eat the cake!!

11. You have time to email everyone in your contacts list to wish them a good morning!

12. You have time to literally run a half marathon.

Being a morning person definitely rules, and it also might finally pay off!