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Why Being A Night Owl Has Special Benefits

Staying up late into the evening has its perks, people.


2. You feel invincible after you pound that second cup of coffee after midnight.

3. You feel like you’re getting more out of life rather than sleeping it away.

4. You tend to feel a lot more creative.

5. You get more reading done than all other sleeping humans.

6. You feel extra stealthy and sneaky. Like a nighttime assassin of snacks and the internet.

7. You know the world at night is a very different, very beautiful thing.


9. Binging your favourite TV show doesn't feel counterproductive.

10. Whenever you read one of those studies saying “geniuses don’t need as much sleep,” you feel validated.

11. You feel a special bond with everyone else online at 3 a.m.

12. Nobody can see all the late-night snacking you feel so guilty about.

13. You can *finally* get some work done.

Being a night owl certainly has its benefits, and they might finally pay off!