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How To Become A Morning Person

All right, night you wanna become a morning person, eh? Here are a few things you can try to wake up and stay up — it's easier than you think!

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4. Have someone hide one of those alarm clocks somewhere in your apartment!

Sure, that may be a cat, but just imagine it were an alarm clock! You'd be like, "Whaaaaat!! What's the ALARM CLOCK doing in this POT on the STOVE??" And guess what? You'd be out of bed sipping coffee by the time you found it and turned it off.

5. Program a coffeemaker to start brewing at 7 a.m. or whenever you'd like to start your day.

The smell of coffee and just knowing that you've got a fresh cup waiting for you is a great morning motivator. But don't spill it like this goofy guy! Haha, oops!

7. Don't eat like garbage, tempting though it may be.

Eating garbage food makes you feel like garbage. It can make you tired, sluggish, and groggy — all things you don't want to feel if you're trying to be the early bird.

So do you think you can cut it as a morning person, or will you forever be a night owl?