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10 Websites That Will Make You More Popular At Work

You'll be a modern hero. If you're sensitive about your place in the office, spend some time with these gems, and look your professional best with a Schick Hydro razor for sensitive faces.

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1. If you're caught between two fighting co-workers, bring them together with Morph Thing!


"What would our kids look like?" is a fun game for all inefficient offices.

2. If you want your taste to be taken more seriously, leave CacheMonet on loop.

Yeah you know art.

3. You better have Live Puppy Cam on your second monitor if your office crush is cruisin' by!


This site will have everyone wagging their tails.

4. When everyone's stone-faced in your morning meeting, "accidentally" link out to "Is It Lunchtime Yet?"

Viacom Productions / Via

The crowd will eat it up. ;)

5. Need to prove your power? Leave @Fbomb_co scrolling on your screen.


Don't mess.

6. This guy is loved by his office because he showed them Emoji Zone:

The fun lasts about five minutes, but it's definitely worth it.

7. To appear as if you're in shape, leave Jog.FM open on your screen when you take a lap around the office.


Everyone loves the fit guy.

8. Be the hero of the office by introducing everyone to Passive Aggressive Password Machine.

Grace Helbig / / Via

9. Send this eye-popping chart around the office, and everyone will think you know how to bring in the cash.


You're so intere$ting.

10. And when someone near you is super stressed...

...source your sensitive soul and direct them to Do Nothing for Two Minutes.


Every crazy office needs a calming force.