12 Simple Dares To Challenge Your Friends With

Man at his most daring! Challenge your bored friends by dishing out these daily dares, and boost your everyday style by using a Schick Hydro razor.

1. The Plunge

Who to dare: the guy who’s always saying it’s not cold out.
When to dare: whenever it’s too cold to do anything.

2. The Daily Grind


Who to dare: the guy with the most provocative moves.
When to dare: a day of errands.

3. The Fake Proposal

Universal Studios / Via lolhappens.com

Who to dare: the guy with the most forgiving girlfriend.
When to dare: when your couple-friends are acting too coupley.

4. The Shaving Cream (Cream)

Who to dare: the guy who can handle it backfiring.
When to dare: Tuesday — maybe Wednesday.

5. The High-Five Hail

Who to dare: your friend who loves talking to strangers.
When to dare: when you’re in a city that’s very far from the one you live.

6. The Dangerous Dusting

Who to dare: the guy who is least likely to get slapped.
When to dare: when someone in the room is a little on edge.

7. The Ultimate Cup Smack

Who to dare: a child, because it’s adorable and teaches them strength.
When to dare: lazy Sundays.

8. The Escalator Express

Who to dare: probably no one, unless you’re friends with a yoga instructor.
When to dare: probably never, or when a day at the mall is really boring.

9. The Spotlight Steal

Who to dare: shy types.
When to dare: when it’s newsworthy, but not that newsworthy.

10. The Public Planking


Who to dare: someone who can maintain a very slow pulse.
When to dare: when you’re craving a social experiment.

11. The Stylized Swing

Who to dare: the guy who is taking it WAY too seriously.
When to dare: when the back nine is getting a little redundant.

12. The Volumizer

Who to dare: the person sitting next to the boring person.
When to dare: when you run out of things to talk about on the road trip.

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