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21 Dogs That Really Need To Shave

Take a hint, humans. Get out of the doghouse and go shave your face with the Schick Hydro.

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1. This pup who just wants to know your Wi-Fi password.

2. This dog who has really let his eyebrows go.

Henryk T. Kaiser / Getty Images

3. This guy who just found out his grandfather is a giraffe.

Sylvain Cordier / Getty Images

4. This film major who doesn't agree with your evaluation of The Wolf of Wall Street.

5. This wolf who happens to live on Wall Street.

6. This dude who has no idea where he even is right now.

baileyguinness / Getty Images

7. This dog who probably sells bootleg DVDs.

8. This bearded lady...

istolethetv / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: istolethetv

9. ...and her bearded husband.

10. These two Pokémon.

@Hans Surfer / Getty Images

11. This fuzzy gentleman who understands the power the ring possesses.

JEANNE WHITE / Getty Images

12. This professional ultimate Frisbee player.

13. This homeowner who wishes you'd trade in your SUV and eat more kale.

Patricia Toth McCormick / Getty Images

14. This guily pup who wishes there were another dog to blame it on.

15. This sea captain who's become suspicious of a potential "muttiny." (Get it?)

kelly ishmael / Getty Images

16. This dog who's definitely not napping. Nope. In fact, he's offended you would even suggest something like that. What do you mean "what about the drooling?"... he's just excited about your PowerPoint presentation. The nerve of some people.

Melissa Ross / Getty Images

17. This dachshund who's currently in between jobs.

Debra Bardowicks / Getty Images

18. This dude rocking a mutt-stache.

19. This llama.

Tracy Morgan / Getty Images

20. This snowboarder who just lost his train of thought.

doug dibble / Getty Images

If only humans were as adorable when they're overdue for a shave. Go for a Schick Hydro razor to keep your face in check.