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7 Ways To Better Your Personality

As we grow up the events we experience as a child molds us into the adults we become. This also affects the way we interact with people, whether you’re friendly and open or seclusive and self-sufficient. Here’s is nine ways to help you better not only yourself but how you deal with others.

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1. Finding Your Inner “Self”

To find your attachment style, you must get to know your “inner voice,” which is the thing that guides you through life and how you see the world. It also encourages us to recreate our early life experiences through our many different types of behavior. The thing to note however, is that changing our behavior is possible.

2. Realizing the Effect Your Childhood Has on Your Adulthood

Babies rely on the assurance of safety from parental figures to explore and learn.

When they are frightened by something they seek safety and a soothing disposition from their parent. If these requirements are not met as they grow, people might become clingy or needy, looking to fill that gap inside.

3. How to Fix the Problem

There are many ways including creating a coherent narrative in order to understand what messed you up in the past and so you can evolve in the present, psychotherapy, or lastly by entering a relationship with someone who has a healthier attachment than the person with the bad attachment.

4. Earned Security and The Importance

Earned security is the development of a secure style of relationships and interactions in adulthood used to get past insecurities. It can take 3 to 5 years to accomplish but the reward of better relationships and a happier life is well worth it.

5. How to Create an Earned Security

To create an earned security adult attachment style, you need to reconcile your childhood experiences, and make sense of the impact that they have had on you thus far. You need to explore the impact it has had on unconscious decisions you have made.

6. The Attachment Theory

The attachment theory that states that our relationships with primary caregivers shape how we perceive we should love significant others.

7. Secure Attachment

Loving comes naturally and are able to be intimate without worrying about your relationship or misunderstandings. You accept your partner's shortcomings and treat them with respect and love. You don't manipulate your partner and are able to openly share anything with them. You are able to de-escalate situations by problem-solving, forgiving, and apologizing during the process.

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