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    16 Things Only Scholastic Book Fair Kids Will Remember

    The most important week of your elementary school life.

    1. Before the fair even happened, the excitement started with the order forms:

    2. And when you walked into the school gym or library on a fateful Monday morning and saw these, you KNEW it was about to be a good week:

    Flickr Creative Commons / MJGDSLibrary / Via

    3. When you finally saw the fair all set up, it brought you joy like you'd never felt before:

    Flickr Creative Commons / SuburbanMama / Via,

    4. You begged your parents to give you money for books, that you'd inevitably mostly end up spending on gel pens and pointy fingers:

    Flickr Creative Commons / Ariel Grimm, Staples

    5. After they gave in, you walked into the fair feeling like the richest kid in school:

    FOX / Via

    6. Then, elementary school you realized you actually had to budget yourself while being mesmerized by all of the cool things:

    Cartoon Network / Via

    7. You and your friends would sneak peeks into cool books like The Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe it or Not:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    8. Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody were the empowering women each elementary and middle school girl needed:

    Penguin Random House

    9. You felt so adult-like buying ~bone chilling~ books like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or Goosebumps:

    10. One of your friends always bought the coolest interactive book of the year, like Coke or Pepsi? or I Spy:

    11. The Magic Tree House, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and Harry Potter helped you escape when life was #rough:

    12. And of course, after picking out the hottest books, you were able to select some cool accessories using whatever was left of the money you were given:

    13. Seriously. The more impractical the eraser, the better:

    Amazon / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / Harry McGregor / Via

    14. Trying to write with the fuzzy pens and twisty/color changing pencils in class after you joyfully purchased them was a CHALLENGE:

    Oriental Trading Company, Koosh

    15. And you legitimately wanted to read after realizing you now had a variety of fabulous objects with which you could mark your page:

    16. And after all these years, you miss the smell and excitement of the Scholastic Book Fair. Why isn't there an adult version of this?! 😭

    Need I say more?

    Me: God, I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore Scholastic Book Fair truck: *exists* Me: lol nvm

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