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Reasons You Should Love Tuukka Rask

Tuukka Rask, Finnish Goalie Extraordinaire, currently playing for the Boston Bruins, is the greatest. Here's why you should love him.

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In March, Rask met 9 year old Maddie Santusuosso through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After helping the young goalie pick out gear from a local hockey store, he invited her to practice, where she got to test out her gear on the ice against the Bruins, with Rask behind her giving her tips the whole time.

The store they got her gear only had a goalie mask in red and white, and disappointed about having to get her a mask in Canadian colors, he went out and commissioned a goalie mask for her that matches his exactly- except for where it spells her name across the bottom, and has a yellow ribbon and the words Kick Sarcoma where his has a Finnish flag.

(Casual reminder- his helmet's cage is plated in 14k gold)

Photo courtesy of @CapitalsHill.

His favorite food is chicken wings.

In an article from 2013, his teammate Brad Marchand said of him "Now there is something about him you probably don’t know and that is he loves chicken wings more than any person I’ve ever met in my life. If he could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner he would" (x).

There's no way he wouldn't be amazing to party with.

"You must like to drink, that’s one thing you have to remember: You must like beers and alcohol! Finns drink a lot of beer. I don’t get to do too much of that during hockey season, but I always like to go home in the summertime because the days are really long, so it’s like an extra five or six hours of partying and hanging out in the sun."

This statement is from an Esquire profile about his love of Finnish rock and heavy metal.

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Finland doesn't have dollars. Come on.

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On live TV? Tuukka doesn't care. He says what he wants.

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