Why Is This Pile Of Noodles So Sad?

Sculptor Theo Mercier’s “LE SOLITAIRE” is the saddest pasta ever.

1. Noodle man, you’re lookin’ sad as hell.

2. Why so glum, noodle man?

3. What horrors have you seen in your time? What pastatrocities haunt your dreams?

4. Do you hear them screaming, noodle man? Their fates wrapped ‘round forks and shoveled into gaping mouths — do you miss them, noodle man?

5. Are you merely waiting, noodle man? Biding your time until chunky tomato meat sauce takes you home? Do you fear death, noodle man? Are you living?

6. You stare into eternity, noodle man. What dark secrets has the void whispered through your spaghettini? What do you know, noodle man? Dare you speak its name?

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