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    This Is A Book About A Sexy Hedgehog

    Paranormal shapeshifter romance novels are a thing. Behold the smutty were-animal glory.

    Hedging His Bets is about a sexy werehedgehog named Blake, and it has the greatest book cover OF ALL TIME.

    Those abs! That lace! Those quills! What could be more arousing?!

    This begs the question, how does one become a werehedgehog? Do you have to get bit by a...

    As it turns out, shapeshifter romance novels are fairly popular — though most of them are about more intimidating were-animals than hedgehogs.

    Sexy were-lions!

    Sexy were-leopards!

    Sexy were-dragons!

    Sexy regular werewolves!

    Sexy shapeshifting dinosaurs!

    And...this book about a guy in love with a unicorn.

    h/t to @four_eels for tweeting the Hedging His Bets cover and showing the world the light. Happy reading!

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