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Just A Reminder Lava Is A Real Thing And It Will Mess You Up

Just when you thought it was safe to go on vacation.

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It might look pretty, but can we talk about how volcanoes are big ol' mountains that are also openings into the fiery crust of the Earth? / Via GEORGE STEINMETZ/ National Geographic Stock

A big portal leading into the hellish sub-surface of the Earth. We just accept that that's a thing?


Lava also loves to bring its douchebag buddy volcanic ash to the party, who will be sure to try and fuck things up if magma didn't get the job done. / Via KLAUS NIGGE/ National Geographic Stock

Technically certain kinds of volcanic ash are called "tephra," but let's be real, that sounds more like a font name than murder-smoke.

And it's not like volcanic eruptions are a one-and-done. Volcanoes can be active for centuries, even millennia. / Via ALLEN, WILLIAM L./ National Geographic Stock

But don't worry. Only like, 500,000,000 people live near active volcanoes. No biggie.

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