Franz Kafka Thought Boys Were Cute

A new biography about the existentialist author explores Kafka’s desire to smooch other guys. More like MANZ Kafka, amirite?

1. Meet Franz Kafka, author of The Metamorphosis and one of the most seminal literary figures of the 20th century.


2. Kafka was a notorious womanizer — he broke off engagements with multiple women, and friends reported he was “tortured” by sexual desire.

People refer to Kafka as “tortured” a lot.

3. Kafka also fought off rumors of having sired illegitimate children, and had a habit of frequenting brothels.

4. But his attractions didn’t end at women. Kafka also had a crush on fellow author Franz Werfel.

Eric Schaal/Contributor / Getty Images

Yup. This guy.

5. In a letter to a friend, Kafka admitted to having a dream where he “gave Werfel a kiss.”

6. He also wrote of Werfel, “The beautiful profile of his face pressed against his chest…”

7. “…His dangling glasses make it easier to trace the delicate outlines of his face.”


Mr. Franz Kafka-Werfel, Mr. and Mr. Kafka-Werfel, Franz and Franz Kafka-Werfel…

8. Even before his Franz-on-Franz desires, Kafka posed nude for an artist. At age 19 Kafka stripped down and posed as St. Sebastian, the “patron saint of gays.”

That would’ve been in 1912. Dang. Risque, Franz.

9. Though the new biography asserts “it is highly improbable that Kafka ever considered the possibility of homosexual relations,” it seems more realistic than Kafka waking up as a cockroach.

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