23 Haunting Photos Of An Abandoned German Amusement Park

One part gorgeous, two parts creepy.

1. This is Spreepark in Berlin, Germany.

2. The amusement park opened in 1969 and remained popular until 1989, when East and West Berlin reunified.

3. The park’s attendance fell off sharply, and Spreepark closed in 2002.

4. The park’s operator, Norbert Witte, moved to Peru shortly after. He and his son Marcel were arrested for attempting to smuggle $14 million worth of cocaine in their carousel back into Germany.

5. Witte now allegedly lives in a trailer on the park’s grounds, which kinda sounds like the setup to a horror flick.

6. In 2011 Spreepark was reopened to the public for guided tours.

7. So you can check it out, if you really want to explore where that scene in Hanna took place.

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