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    23 Awesomely Weird College Classes To Enroll In Immediately

    For when you have that extra elective to fill.

    1. Introduction to Turntablism

    Where it's offered: Oberlin Experimental College

    Course description: An intro course to becoming the DJ you always knew you could be. Giant robot mask not included.

    2. Raptor Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management

    Where it's offered: Cornell University

    Course description: Unfortunately the "raptors" in this case are birds of prey, not dinosaurs. Bummer.

    3. Elvish, the language of "Lord of the Rings" New Line Cinema

    Where it's offered: University of Wisconsin

    Course description: For those interested in chatting it up with Legolas and Thranduil, look no further than this course taught by the leading expert in Sindarin (the official term for elvish, for the uninitiated.)

    4. Circus Arts

    Where it's offered: Triton College

    Course description: From magic tricks to juggling to unicycling to whatever "man wheel" is, this class should have all you need to run away from your student loans and join the circus. And yes, the class does include clowning lessons.

    5. How to Win a Beauty Pageant

    Where it's offered: Oberlin College

    Course description: The full title of this course is "How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity," and analyzes how gender, class, race and sexuality intersect within pageantry. The class also gets to go on a field trip to a beauty pageant. Yay?

    6. The Phallus

    Where it's offered: Occidental College

    Course description: Explore a variety of theories on the phallus through the lenses of Freud, feminism, and queer theory, and the relation of the phallus to the penis. Drop a letter grade every time someone makes a "that's what she said" joke.

    7. Street Fighting Mathematics

    Where it's offered: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Course description: For those interested in measuring the velocity of a punch to the jaw, this course teaches students to analyze fighting with math.

    8. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing

    Where it's offered: Alfred University

    Course description: If you want to explore the history of the creation of maple syrup while learning how to make the sticky stuff yourself, this is the class for you.

    9. Superior Beings: If They Exist, How Would We Know?

    Where it's offered: Alfred University

    Course description: In this course students apply game theory to "Omnipotence, Omniscience, Immortality and Incomprehensibility." Whoa.

    10. Cyberporn and Society

    Noah Kalina / Via

    Where it's offered: University at Buffalo

    Course description: Unfortunately for porn connoisseurs, this class explores internet porn's effects on technology and human relationships — nothing about appreciation or production. Bummer.

    11. Golf Course Management

    Orion Pictures Corporation / Via

    Where it's offered: Tarleton State University

    Course description: Maintain the green, build a better sand trap, budget your business, and take field trips to golf courses. Awesome.

    12. Xtreme Lit

    Where it's offered: Northern Illinois University

    Course description: Not content to let their students be worshippers of Thoreau without ever visiting a pond themselves, this course sends participants on outdoor adventures that correspond with the class readings.

    13. Topics in Comparative Media: American Pro Wrestling

    WWE / Via

    Where it's offered: MIT

    Course description: Do you want to explore "the masculine drama of professional wrestling?" Or just watch a bunch of clips of Rey Mysterio kicking people in the head? Here you go.

    14. Writing for Video Games and Emerging Media

    Where it's offered: Ithaca College

    Course description: Students learn how to write for and design their own video games. A class for students who want to write something more brain-melting than Bioshock: Infinite.

    15. The Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Where it's offered: Moorpark College

    Course description: Want to enchant strangers, hex your enemies, transfigure vermin into tea kettles, and anthropologically dissect the differences between various belief systems? This course does one of those things.

    16. Tightwaddery, or The Good Life on a Dollar a Day

    Disney / Via

    Where it's offered: Alfred University

    Course description: The class teaches frugality and the trappings of capitalism, the irony of which is probably not lost on the students enrolled in a private college.

    17. The Meaning of Life

    Where it's offered: Rhode Island School of Design

    Course description: Sometimes philosophy classes cut right to the chase.

    18. Introduction to Wines

    Where it's offered: Cornell University

    Course description: Here's the class that teaches people to use words like "oaky" and "tannins" and how to taste if the barrel the wine was stored in was oak or mahogany. What pairs well with boxed wine?

    19. Furniture Making

    Where it's offered: MIT

    Course description: Did you really like shop class in high school? Is shop class still a thing? Whatever, this class teaches you the history of furniture making and woodworking techniques so you can furnish your dorm with a bunch of sweet handcrafted coffee tables.

    20. UFOs in American Society

    Where it's offered: Temple University

    Course description: An exploration into American society's reaction to the UFO phenomenon, from the military to cults.

    21. Soviet Visual Propaganda

    Where it's offered: Rhode Island School of Design

    Course description: Comes in handy if you want to influence people of the evils of capitalism, or just like using a lot of red in your art.

    22. Kitchen Chemistry

    AMC / Via

    Where it's offered: MIT

    Course description: This course focuses on the chemistry of cooking food in your own kitchen, and experimenting with food to illustrate chemical principles. So basically it's really, really high-level home economics.

    23. Underwater Basket Weaving

    Where it's offered: Reed College

    Course description: Exactly what it sounds like.

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