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    17 Questions Trans People Are Tired Of Hearing

    Can we talk about my genitals sometime when I'm not eating? Or never?

    1. "Why would you make things harder for yourself?"

    2. "What's your real name?"

    3. "Are you in the right bathroom?"

    4. "Can't you just be gay?"

    5. "Why can't you just stay a man/woman?"

    6. "So when are you getting your boobs cut off?"

    7. "Do you still have a penis?"

    8. "So, like, are you a man or a woman?"

    9. "Who's gonna want to date you?"

    People who know I'm SEXY AS HELL.

    10. "How do you have sex?"

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    11. "Who do you think you're fooling?"

    12. "Is that even a real thing?"

    13. "Can I see pictures of you before you transitioned?"

    14. "Are you just doing this because it's trendy?"

    15. "How come you look so normal?"

    16. "Can I touch —"

    17. "Wait, what's transgender mean again?"

    Here's a quick overview, or you could always just Google it.