17 Cats Who Have Been Single Waaaay Too Long

They’re just trying to do them, you know?

1. These cats deciding to have a spa day with their friends and not worrying about that guy texting back.

2. This cat who is starting to forget how to flirt properly.

This is charming, right?

3. This cat who knows he looks hot and doesn’t need the approval of a significant other but still maybe that would be nice.

4. This cat who has been Facebook stalking her crush a liiiiiittle too long.

5. This cat who is taking this time to learn a new skill.

Nothing’s sexier than a cat who can play piano.

6. This cat just trying to have a good time on his own.

7. This cat who just downloaded Tinder and is so ready to meet some hotties.

8. This cat who is totally gonna get in shape. Soon.

9. This cat hitting the junk food a little harder than usual.

10. This cat questioning their sexual orientation.

What am I?!

11. This cat indulging in a little retail therapy.

12. This cat who feels better about herself after bumping into her ex’s new flame.

13. This cat who’s worried his friends are starting to think he’s clingy.

14. This cat laying it on a little thick.

Not first date material. Maybe not any date material.

15. This cat thinking everyone is potentially dateable.

16. This cat discovering no one is actually dateable.

17. This cat who knows he’s fabulous all on his own.

He knows how to do single right.

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