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7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Your Perfect Valentine

When Valentine's Day comes around, there's always the pressure of finding a "Valentine," and it doesn't end there. Little do people know, the perfect valentine is the furry little friend who never leaves your side. Your dog won't question your gift choice for this year or start parading you with questions like "ARE YOU NOT INVESTED IN THIS RELATIONSHIP ANYMORE??" ...are they nudging you for attention right now? they are, aren't they?

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1. You are never afraid to express your feelings in public

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When you're in love, you want everyone to know. You go on and on about them, post countless updates and upload pictures of them everywhere.


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^You see that? That's true love.

Yes, people are great for snuggling. But, dogs are even better. They can tell when you need to snuggle and will stay in bed with you all day, if necessary.

4. All of the love, no strings attached

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Gone are the days of Netflix and chill. Humans are too picky. "I don't want to see that movie. Not that one either!" Dogs just want to be near you, no matter what show you pick. They don't talk back or argue either. They're just sitting there like "Netflix and belly rubs? Cool."

6. Your dog won't compare you to other previous valentine's

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They know you're their one and only valentine (for life) and they will make sure that you're happy. You won't see them going through friends' Snapchat stories like "Why don't WE ever do something like that?"

7. They trust you and love you unconditionally

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"If you trust him he will trust you.


Keep in mind that a dog life is shorter than yours and that they learn to trust and love unconditionally in matter of days.

It's up to you to keep that strong bond between you and your four legged friend by showing him that you are as loyal to him as he is to you."

All jokes aside, dogs don't need words or materialistic items. They need actions. That's what Valentine's Day should be about.

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