• Sazare

      I have no problem with what women wear, but I do take issue with Cyrus’s new aesthetic. Considering she was a former massive Disney child star who millions of little kids looked up to and she’s now singing about “doing Molly” and “starting a line in the bathroom,” I feel like that’s a pretty bad example to be setting.
      Also I don’t think little girls should think that getting a haircut like that is okay. Pretty ugly.

    • Sazare

      Something like half these songsIwouldn’t have included here and would have replaced with others (especially “California Gurls,” which is little more thana”Tik Tok” carbon copy, “U+Ur Hand,” which isa”4ever” redux, and “DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” which is horrid), but overall this isapretty okay list. Nice to see “Teenage Dream,” Katy Perry’s one good song, getting some respect. This list is already outdated, though, as one of Max’s best songs has come out since this was published: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” whichamajor banger.

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