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The 7 Most Popular Language Learning Apps

The below language learning apps make it so easy for you to self learn a new language on the go and hone your skills

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Learning a new language is often an enriching experience. Whether you're learning a language for a professional purpose, to communicate with a friend in his native language or to simply be able to order a meal on your next holiday, language-learning apps can be great tools to have at your fingertips. These apps are fun to use and can help you reach your language learning goal sooner than you think.


Perhaps there is no list of Language Learning Apps that does not mention Duolingo. This app has brought a revolution in mobile language learning and has already gained over a hundred million users. Duolingo is user-friendly and incredibly well designed.

One of the most striking features of this app is that the lesson plan can be customized as per the first language of the user and does not solely aim at native English speakers. Duolingo currently offers learning instructions in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese.

The app successfully engages the users by offering points and bonuses for lessons completed. When you are on the go, Duolingo can send you daily reminders to study. You can also study multiple languages simultaneously.

2. Cudoo

Cudoo is the only language-learning platform that offers over 160 languages, including American Sign Language. Each Language course in Cudoo is mapped to internationally recognized CEFR & ACTFL levels. The app contains an internationally recognized framework with six levels of language ability and offers personalized certificates for every course you successfully complete.

Apart from language learning, you can access 350 professional development and computer skills courses such as database and design courses, which means it's not just languages that you get for your buck. The platform is free for the first 14 days after which subscription begins at either $20 a month or $180 for the whole year.

3. Busuu

Busuu has an international community of more than 40 million users offers complete language courses in 12 languages. The beginner’s lessons usually comprise of learning new words and phrases with the help of flash cards however the advanced lessons involve answering questions and written assessments which are reviewed by the native speaking users.

Busuu offers audio recordings and writing exercises with free membership, however, if you subscribe for their paid membership for $17 a month, you can access videos, grammar lessons and printable PDF files for your lessons.

This app offers instructions in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.

4. is new in the marketplace but is already an award-winning language-learning app, and offers simple and easy to remember words and phrases in more than 160 languages. The app is equipped with an inbuilt language audio, games and transliteration for an interesting learning experience. You can download from Google Play Store for free and try one language.

The app has three learning levels for every language i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced which can be accessed for just $0.99 for life for a particular language. For a neat $4.99, you can unlock all the levels of every language offered by for life, including access to any new content forever.

5. Memrise

Memrise is an interesting online language-learning tool which makes language learning easier and more fun. It incorporates user-generated flash cards built with imagination, humor, and graphics for you to remember easily. You can access thousands of free language courses and create your memes for the other users to view. Once you register, your personal dashboard keeps a tab of your language learning progress in a detailed manner.

6. Babbel

Like every learner needs a great teacher to pave the path of mastering a skill, Babbel offers a similar language learning experience for its users. The app offers courses tailored to your native language by building on vocabulary and grammar you already know. With customized language courses ranging from business to travel, you can learn vocabulary that is relevant to your requirements.

Audio examples and dialogues are recorded by native speakers, which empower you to confidently strike simple conversations in a new language after using the app for about five hours only. Babbel is equipped with speech recognition technology, which will get your pronunciations right on point.

7. Speaking Cultures

Speaking Cultures is a multicultural language learning social network based on the concept of online buddies where users exchange language and culture with each other. With this app, you can also access a self-study language platform, to kick-start a language you want to learn. All for free, which makes it great for having native speakers to chat to and some guided learning too. It also has language groups you can join, where native speakers add cool tips and social content such as recipes and festivals.

The concept of speak dating is unique to this app because the developers believe that the process of learning is always social, and who better to teach you a language than a "buddy" you like hanging out with online.

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