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How To Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon Go

A guide to staying careful while playing the most coveted game of the year!

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Pokemon has played a major part in the lives of the 90s kids. Many of us remember how Pokemon ruled our lives amidst trading cards, video games and even on stationery items such as pencil boxes and stickers. In the present times, Pokemon Go has become a huge rage throughout the world. Back in the old times, players hunted for the Pokemon monsters on their Video Screen console or simply by trading cards. However, in the present times with the advancement in technology, hunting for Pokemon monsters have become more of a reality.

In the United States, noticing players engrossed in their cell phones, playing Pokemon Go has become a common sight. At the same time, there have been an increasing number of accidents and injuries associated with the game being reported. With such serious ramifications, here we give you a few tips to stay safe while playing Pokemon Go.

•Don’t let the game take you to any place you would not go otherwise

Pokemon Go might use real world places and landmarks for Pokemon Gyms or Poke stops, however, refrain from going where the game does not belong. The Pokemons are randomly generated and can show up inside buildings, on the backyard or behind the fences. It is imperative to use your sense of judgment as the game has no idea whether it is safe to go into these places. Refrain from barging into someone else’s personal or business property.

•Refrain from upsetting people while you are playing

Catching Pokemon is innocent harmless fun but you have to ensure that no one feels upset or threatened at your conduct while you are playing Pokemon Go. Walking is a huge part of Pokemon Go, especially if you catch an egg, therefore be careful when you are taking those long walks waiting for the egg to hatch. If you come across curious people doubting your presence or demeanour, politely explain the game to them and take your leave accordingly.

•Refrain from playing when you are driving

Ever since the game has been launched in July this year more than 11000 accidents have been reported in the US alone. This has caused by drivers and pedestrians who have been distracted by the game while driving a vehicle or crossing roads. Refrain from indulging into the game when you are sitting behind the wheels or walking on the main roads. When an accident or injury occurs, contact a car accident lawyer right away to fetch the comprehensive legal services required.

•Stay safe at nights

Refrain from indulging in the game at night. Even if you still wish to, make sure to establish your boundaries and set diligent time limits. Use your phone’s flashlight or better still, carry a separate flashlight to find your way back easily. If you are devoid of any vehicle, think twice before taking long walks because walking up a certain distance would mean walking the same distance back.

The spirit of the game lies in the ability to be able to experience ecstasy without inviting the possibility of accidental hazards.

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