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5 Reasons To Buy A Platform Bed

Looking to refurbish your home this festive season? Read on to find out how you can upgrade your home with a platform bed this Christmas

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The festive season is round the corner and you might be looking at upgrading the furniture of your home during these times. If you have foraged into the market and looking to throw in some fresh décor for your bedroom, a platform bed can be an ideal choice to upgrade your home’s fashion quotient in a jiffy. You might be confused between a four poster, a sleigh or a shaker bed but the advantages of a platform bed are many. Here we give you five reasons why you should consider buying a platform bed for your home.

Storage made simple

Platform beds come with lots of built in storage in the forms of drawers and shelves which makes organizing easy. This way you can reduce bedroom clutter and maximize your floor space. Some platform beds are equipped with under bed drawers which you can effectively use to eliminate your dresser and other storage furniture from your bedroom to other rooms.

No foundation required

You need no foundation or box springs to support the mattress for your platform bed. It is either supported by the solid platform or closely spaced slats which is the top of your platform bed. These beds are not bulky at all and the spaced slats are meant to provide more air circulation to the mattress and therefore, increase it’s longevity. Moreover, your platform bed can be the ideal support for a natural latex mattress.

The decorative edge

Platform beds with lower edges have been quite popular in the recent times. Beds which are closer to the floor impart an illusion of height and can make your bedroom seem bigger and more spacious. However, if you are still looking for a regular bed height, there are numerous stylish designs to choose from.

Budget friendly

Platform beds can be quite cheap up till extremely expensive depending upon the design, material used and the manufacturer. The simple functioning of this essential piece of furniture makes for a versatile opportunity for furniture designers to showcase their skills and expertise. These days there are a plethora of platform bed models available from the basic ones to the ones with or without a headboard, exquisite styles with settings for modern upbeat homes.


Unlike the box springs which sags with time and it’s coil looses strength, a durably built platform bed can last up to an indefinite period and support generations of cozy sleepers. It is however important to check the connectors of the frame of the platform which should be thick enough to jointly support the weight of the mattress and the sleepers. Constructions made with staples and glue should be completely avoided and instead, look out for the ones which are made from single piece of material. A platform bed which is manufactured with high quality materials and expertise can last you for many decades.

Now that you have your reasons, why wait? Invest in a good quality platform bed and see how your home gets ready to usher in the festivities of this season.

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