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21 Outfits From "Girlfriends" That Still Give Me Major Style Envy

What I’d give to go through all of their closets.

1. This double denim look from Lynn:

The CW / UPN

A tube top, low-waisted jeans, double denim, and a huge bangle on her arm? What could be more 2000s than this outfit?!

Episode: "Love Thy Neighbour" (season four, episode 22)

2. Joan’s revenge dress:

The CW / UPN

What to wear to remind your ex of what he’s missing? A plunge neck, backless, skintight dress should do.

Episode: "Toe Sucking" (season one, episode one)

3. This entire monochromatic moment:

The CW / UPN

Toni Childs might’ve been wrong about many things, but not fashion. The dedication to this look – from the brown fade sunglasses to the beige clutch – elevates it from a simple monochrome outfit to an A/W wardrobe staple.

Episode: "Prophet and Loss" (season four, episode 12)

4. Maya’s splattered detail top:

The CW / UPN

Maya might’ve been known as the ‘girl next door,’ but the splattered detail of this top, the asymmetric cut, and the side boob action is giving *high fashion* girl next door.

Episode: "Joan’s Birthday Suit" (season two, episode eight)


5. Joan’s ‘Hannah Montana’ inspired fit:

The CW / UPN

I don’t fully understand the purpose of the skinny scarf, but I’m not mad at it.

Episode: "All The Creatures Were Stirring" (season five, episode 11)

6. Lynn’s loungewear:

The CW / UPN

This tracksuit is everything loungewear should be: comfortable and stylish with a pop of colour.

Episode: "The J Spot" (season five, episode four)

7. Toni in vintage Jean Paul Gaultier:

The CW / UPN

Tell me you’re expensive without telling me you’re expensive.

Episode: "Buh Bye" (season two, episode five)

8. This blue bodycon number:

The CW / UPN

Baby blue on Black skin? *chef’s kiss*

Episode: "Blood is Thicker Than Liquor" (season three, episode 22)

9. One of Joan’s many halter neck and jean pairings:

The CW / UPN

You can’t really go wrong with a halter neck and jean combo, and no one did it better than Joan Clayton Esq.

Episode: "X Does Not Mark the Spot" (season two, episode 19)

10. Maya’s casual 'fit:

The CW / UPN

If you’re ever suffering from Simple Outfit Syndrome, take notes from Maya and add some dark lip and hoop action.

Episode: "A Kiss Before Lying" (season one, episode 19)

11. Joan’s one-shouldered top:

The CW / UPN

You’d think a random piece of fabric sewn into a one-shouldered top would be a chaotic mess, but surprisingly, it works – the definition of jeans and a nice top.

Episode: "Mom’s The Word" (season two, episode 10)

12. Lynn's gothic look:

The CW / UPN

In an interesting turn of events, Lynn somehow looked the simplest we'd ever seen her. Still, the deep plunge cut-out coupled with the high slit skirt and thigh-high boots makes it uniquely Lynn.

Episode: "Un-Treatable" (season two, episode four)

13. Maya’s preppy outfit:

The CW / UPN

Maya ‘arms and legs’ Wilkes showing out once again.

Episode: "If It’s Broke, Fix It" (season four, episode two)

14. Toni’s all-brown ensemble:

The CW / UPN

I think it’s fair to say, nobody can work a brown colour palette like Toni Childs.

Episode: "The List" (season one, Episode 12)

15. Part two of Toni’s love affair with brown:

The CW / UPN

I mean, look at the material.

Episode: "The Declaration of Lynndependence" (season one, episode 17)

16. Lynn’s take on the LBD:

The CW / UPN

The little black dress is a classic, and I’d expect nothing less from Lynn than to rework it in her own gothic way. She gets an extra 10 marks for that silver keychain cosplaying as a belt – crafty but still cute.

Episode: "When Hearts Attack" (season five, episode eight)

17. Joan’s all-black ensemble, with a hint of animal print:

The CW / UPN

Joan always kept it cute and professional and knew just when to spice it up. Exhibit A: this large, cheetah print belt placed perfectly over a black pantsuit.

Episode: "P.D.A-D.O.A" (season five, episode 12)

18. Lynn in this graphic turtleneck:

The CW / UPN

I love a good winter turtleneck as it is, but a sheer graphic one? Sign me up now.

Episode: "Porn To Write" (season five, episode 10)

19. And Maya in this denim jumpsuit:

The CW / UPN

Not many people could rock a button-up denim jumpsuit without looking like they stepped out of the '70s, but our favourite South-Central resident pulled it off.

Episode: "Fried Turkey" (season one, episode nine)

20. Lynn’s printed top:

The CW / UPN

Everything about this outfit, from the print of the top to the figure-hugging jeans, is pure perfection.

Episode: "My Business, Not Your Business" (season six, episode one)

21. And finally, the iconic Prada dress:

The CW / UPN

All hail Toni Childs, our bougie Black queen.

Episode: "Toe Sucking" (season one, episode one)

What was your favourite look from Girlfriends? Tell us in the comments!