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Harsha Chetan & Akshay The New Kids On The Design Board

Three friends set-up India's most innovative UI/UX design School

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Creative design travelers on an unguided voyage of creativity aboard the Design Boat

Who was guiding Christopher Columbus when he discovered America for the rest of world? If you think that he was on a pre-determined path and a guided map was showing him all the lighthouses, then you are wrong. He was out in the search of Asia and he ended up in America. The world of UI/UX also symbolizes a similar journey. Pre guided maps or the existing solutions cannot help you a big deal. The concept that marks “state of factory” is diminishing in this field and giving way to this word called redundant.

Kill the Redundancy and Float in the Boat of Creativity with DesignBoat

UI/UX is an essential part of your business operations. DesignBoat is a school & a studio where they think about out-of-the-box solutions and serves you better. After gaining a great experience with industrial integrated digital designs, Harsha Kakkeri, the founder and CEO, finally decided to launch a design school. When we look at the faces of satisfied and budding future designers, then we find that what he created is a “creative school” for the designer that want to explore the umpteen sky of the world of design and logics.

It Is the Creative Breakdown of an Idea That Really Matters

It might sound like a lift from the Amir Khan starrer film “Three Idiots” but it fits well, in the year 2016; where three friends, Harsha Kakkeri, Chetan Deshmukh & Akshay Bukka, started a design school with a difference. According to them, it is a place where current industry practices were serving as the textbook and futuristic problems are designing the question papers. Within the first three months, the endeavor of design boat attracted one hundred and eighty future designers. Harsha contributes this success to the amazing formula of the creative breakdown of an idea. According to this formula strategy, user experience, user interface and development are the four pillars to execute a successful idea.

A voyage of Success

In the past 1 years, DesignBoat has imparted practical training to 180+ students and the current batch set to start in the latter half of October already has 30 enrolments. Eighty percent of the students are fresher engineers who failed to get juicy pay packets from campus placements. Thanks to the placement cell of DesignBoat 100 percent of them got jobs in the previous batch. The starting salaries range from 25,000 to 30,000 per month. More than 45 companies offered job placements to the last batch. The remaining graduates from DesignBoat got promotion in their companies itself. They were quite happy to shift into a niche segment of UI/UX designing. In this way, DesignBoat is making a conscious effort to resolve the employment issues of India through skill development program. In fact, corporation such as Titan & ABB group have approached them for corporate training as well.

The trio also actively interacts with colleges and universities where there is requirement for expert design training. In the past, they have conducted seminars in Christ University (Bangalore) Cambridge University (Bangalore) and Jyoti Niwas College amongst others.

Textbooks Are History and Design Boat Lives in Future

Harsha spent 14 years on the job to master the craft of UI/UX design. He has no formal education for the same. In these 14 years he climbed the corporate ladder from being a mere Graphic Designer to the Head of Product Design. This is the mission statement of DesignBoat that textbook teaching is passé and Gen-X needs practical teaching lessons than just theoretical. So, challenging the text-bookish contemporary approach of teaching, DesignBoat happens to be one of the most innovative design schools in India. Co-founder, Akshay Bukka, believes that “most of the other industry sectors are emphasizing on industry-ready employees, the demands of the design world are different; here we need futuristic brains that can adapt fast with the changing trends. DesignBoat is an attempt to design creative knowledge workers with a penchant to think out-of-the-box.” Most astonishingly, yet lovingly, the instructors at DesignBoat form a life-long relationship with students. They promise to support each student throughout their career in the design field. Many students come repeatedly to the teachers for clarifications, practice and to grab a cup of coffee. DesignBoat gives free-of-cost lifetime support to all their students.

In his book “Industries of the future,” author Alec Ross, emphasized the need of knowledge workers with great analytical abilities. Design Boat is a school that works on the same lines. It challenges the monotonous methods of textbooks. It promotes the culture of trial and error where a sharp analytical ability supports the creativity of students and makes them ready for umpteen “future industries.”

DesignBoat is currently accepting applications,

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