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Presenting American Idol Star And Legend Lou Gazzara!

No TV Show has brought more stars and talent to light than the world famous American Idol, and today we are going to feature one of the youngest stars of the earliest seasons to reach the finals, Lou Gazzara!

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Lou Gazzara!

Only 17 at the time he made it to the finals rounds, Lou managed to captivate the entire nation as the youngest contestant to make it that far. Accomplishments like this are what have helped to define Lou over the past decade, taking his star power that he gained from performing on Americas Biggest Television Contest he would be featured and perform in multiple major productions across the country. A talented musician first, Lou has recently been hard at work working on a new solo Album and even a Christmas album adding to the range of diversity this talented young star has.

Lou proved he was one of the best by beating over 70,000 other contestants, to break through auditions and work his way into the final round. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lou had been singing for years before being premiered, and after the show Lou would utilize the massive exposure to become one of the country’s most talented young voices. After high-school Lou decided to become a professional entertainer, considering how well the country received him while he was on American idol.

Throughout the years his career would begin to take shape as he began to catch more familiar eyes across the country. It seemed the sky was the limit as Lou landed several acting roles performing with some of the best stars of the stage. As he continued to rise in the performer circuit he would decide to take it a step further to share his story with the world, and Lou took on singing as his main focus. Through a series of event Lou managed to land a role in a Las Vegas show and suddenly he was on track to be one of the entertainment capital of the world’s best voices.

It didn’t take long for Gazzara to land a premier role in the highly acclaimed show “Legends in Concert”. For five months Lou took the stage and showcased his awesome talents to some of the biggest names in the Vegas entertainment industry. As he continued to fine tune his act and soak in the Vegas experience Lou slowly evolved into a powerhouse entertainer, wowing audiences nightly with his talents.

Now Lou has made quite a name for himself on one of the brightest boulevards in the world, landing a lead role in the highly regarded and award winning VEGAS! the Show. In the show you will go back in time to when Las Vegas was much smaller and a class above the rest of the world. You will experience the likes of Elvis, The Rat Pack, Sonny and Cher and so much more in this one of a kind tribute to some of Vegas’ greatest legends! So don’t miss your chance to see the nationally recognized Lou Gazzara live on stage only at Saxe Theater today!

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