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Frank Sinatra Built The Pack And The Image Of Vegas We Know Today!

Las Vegas is a place rich with its local legends, heroes and folk-tales. While all these myths and rumors may be centered on the entertainment industry, there is one man who stood out as brightly as his blue eyes, and that is in fact ole’ blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra!

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Sinatra and the pack!

Sinatra was one of the legends that helped to define not only Las Vegas but music as a whole. Frank virtually invented the form of phrasing and pop music that would evolve into the multi-billion industry we have today. With his good looks, unmistakable voice and an attitude that might has well been from Mars, Sinatra through his years slowly rose through the up’s and down’s to become one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

While his roots were often defined as humble, Frank was a Jersey boy born in the heart of Hoboken New Jersey in 1915. By the 40’s, Sinatra had become a national star when it came to the young teenage girls. Often regarded as one of the most hated men in America, due to troops overseas hearing his music and stories as well as pictures of Sinatra surrounded by women, Sinatra was denied entrance into the military via the draft due to a perforated eardrum. Later psychologists would reveal his diagnosis was that he was neurotic and unfit for service.

Luckily Sinatra had no problem making the best of his time out of the Army, starring in a number of hit movie roles and nearly causing a riot in 1945 due to nearly 35,000 fans being kept out of his venue. Sinatra’s reputation was as bright as the sun as he continued to tour the country and take on more popular film roles.


By the 50's "Sinatra-mania" had faded considerably, While Frank would stay busy performing for little known dives and a film here or there, he wouldn't see a considerable bump in his career until the early 60's.

By 1963, Frank had assembled with the legendary Rat Pack, and on top of filming for their new hit movie and helping John F. Kennedy campaign for his election, Frank and the pack were leaving Vegas stunned with their unheard of conception of the countries very first boy band. But this was no boy band in the way we today look at it. This was no group of frosted haired young teenagers-- this was the most monumental musical group to ever hit a stage in Vegas! Sporting more class in a pinky than most places had in an entire city, The Pack over the next 8 years would make a name for itself that would never again be forgotten or replaced.

While the Rat Pack still stands today as one of the most important groups in music history, they are also one of the most important gatherings of talent that ever happened to Las Vegas! Since then the way was paved for stars such as Elvis to break records and set new standards for just what exactly entertainment was in America! Although you may not be able to see Frank and the Pack perform in the skin, you can do the next best thing and see their memory and personality captured live on stage only at the only show in Vegas about Vegas!

So get your tickets to VEGAS! the Show today and see the titans that helped create the entertainment capital of the world, only at Saxe Theater!

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