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This BMW Piece Is One Of The Best Spec Ads Ever Made.

The Father’s Day film, directed by 23-year-old Toby Wosskow, might be the most moving piece of spec advertising to come out since Eugen Merher’s Adidas spot.

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The ad follows a former race car driver who has been partially paralyzed. Years after the end of his driving career, his son gets his own driving license and takes his father back out on the track to rediscover his rush.

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The film was inspired by a true story with Wosskow’s own father.

“Growing up, I thought my dad was immortal. He couldn’t get hurt or sick. He had a plan for everything. It wasn’t until he had a near-fatal heart attack that I realized he’s not invincible. He’s human just like me. I made this film to share the message that sometimes our parents need us just as much as we need them,” says Wosskow.

It seems like BMW liked it too.

When he taught you to love driving, it was to have moments like this. Thanks for sharing @tobywosskow. Happy…

Via Twitter: @BMWUSA

Like, really liked it.

Us viewers, on the other hand, may need some tissues. Did somebody cut an onion?

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