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Make Your Own Christmas Jumper With Just Office Supplies

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You can wear this homemade woolly wonder on Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on 15 December! Sign up now for your free fundraising pack.


  • Coloured sticky notes
  • A cheap, disposable jumper
  • Paper clips
  • Safety pins
  • Tinsel
  • Split pin
  • Sticky stars
  • Empty coffee pod
  • Printer paper


  1. Fold some green sticky notes into a tall diamond shape, then attach them to the jumper to mimic the look of a Christmas tree. They should stick to the jumper as is, but you might need to glue them to last longer.
  2. Attach lots of paper clips to each other in a string to create a decoration for the tree.
  3. Layer them in a zigzag pattern and secure to the jumper with safety pins.
  4. Create the baubles by lightly scrunching up some more sticky notes (or you can use sweets!).
  5. Attach the baubles to the paper clip string with more safety pins.
  6. Staple some tinsel to the sleeves of the jumper.
  7. Carefully unfold a paper clip, then fold it back on itself to extend the size while not having any pointy bits sticking out.
  8. Place the modified paper clips in a cross shape on the jumper, then place four regular paper clips on top of those diagonally to create a star shape.
  9. Attach the star to the jumper using a split pin.
  10. Attach a few stars around the jumper for some extra decoration. Feel free to use small stickers, too!
  11. Peel or cut the foil off a coffee pod and empty the contents. Cut in half to create a half-barrel shape.
  12. Glue the coffee pod to the bottom of the sticky note tree to create the base. Do not do this if you would like to keep the jumper in good condition, as it may be hard to remove.


You can make a super quick jumper by just using the paperclip string and sticky note baubles technique, or you can cut some snowflakes out of paper and attach those too! Use your imagination!