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10 Excuses For Wasting Energy That Honestly Don't Even Deserve An Eye-Roll

Warning: may cause incredulity.

We asked the BuzzFeed Canada Community to tell us the most ridiculous excuses they've heard for wasting energy, and their responses have us shaking our gotdang heads.

1. Having two washing machines at home to "save time."

2. Not understanding the concept of a battery.

"My mother believes that keeping her laptop plugged in at all times is the only viable way to keep its battery healthy. She also keeps it open, because she gets anxious when the clamshell is closed, as if that somehow means she'll lose all her work. Whuuut?"

—Sam C.

3. Needing more than a little Christmas.

"My mom leaves the Christmas lights on throughout the entire month of December because 'it just looks so nice!'"

—Emily C.

4. Forgetting that animals see in the dark better than we do.

5. Thinking that cold + heat = fresher air?

"My mom's cousin was staying with us for a little bit when I was a teenager. I came home from high school one day in the dead of winter to find all of our windows open and the gas furnace BLASTING on full because her cousin thought 'the air was stale' and needed to be recycled.'"

—Will S.

6. Not having the basic patience to boot up.

"My husband leaves his computer and cell phone on 24/7. He doesn't want to waste time waiting for them to turn on."


7. Refusing the sun as a source of light.

8. Trying to avoid getting burgled.

"People who leave the lights on when they're out because they don't want to get robbed...which is ridiculous, because we all have so many locks on our doors now. I personally have three, and there's a code to get into the front of the building, and there are only like 30 apartments in the building so the thief would have to go through all that and not be seen by ANYONE."

—Tara P.

9. Requiring 100% comfort at all times.

"My roommate in college would leave his ceiling fan on all day because he insisted the room be cool for when he got home."

—Eric C.

10. Being far too obsessed with that "warm laundry" feeling.

"I know someone who warms. their. jeans. in. the. oven."

—Carla C.

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