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Are You And Your BFF More Kenna Or Gemma?

Which Dynamic Duo are you?

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  1. When did you and your best friend meet?

    1-3 years ago
    4-6 years ago
    7-9 years ago
    10< years ago
  2. Where did you meet your bestie?

    Elementary school
    Middle School
    High school
  3. Do you and your best friend have similar styles?

    Kind of
    Yes and no
    Idk lol maybe
  4. What do you and your BFF do to hang out

    Eat/cook together
    Watch movies together
    Study together
    Party/drink together
  5. Pick your fave BFF duo

    The Gilmores
    The Gilmores
    Harry and Ron
    Harry and Ron
    Shrek and Donkey
    Shrek and Donkey
    Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
    Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
  6. What is you and your BFFs theme song?

    "Wake me up" by Evanescence
    "Cheetah Sisters" by the Cheetah Girls
    "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls
    Anything from Hamilton
  7. Pick a state

    New York
  8. Finish this sentence: My BFF and I go together like...

    Chocolate and Pretzels!
    PB & J!
    Popcorn and Movies!
    Cookies and Ice Cream!

Are You And Your BFF More Kenna Or Gemma?

You got: Kenna!

Awww! You and your BFF are totally Kenna. You guys couldn't spend a day without each other and you tell each other everything. You didn’t meet that long ago, but they had a lasting impression. They’re the best person to talk to whatever mood you’re in. Your days together are spent talking, planning, dancing, and lots and lots of laughs. Life was instantly better when they walked into your life, and now they're always in your heart.

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You got: Gemma!

Ayyy you and your best friend are definitely Gemma. You guys have known each other for years, if not decades, and you're 100% comfortable around each other. You share a lot of interests, but that's not surprising when you grew up in the same neighborhood! Your days are spent making the worst jokes, sharing memes, and laughing at pretty much anything. You've made an imprint on each other a while ago so it's hard to think of a life without them.

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