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Which Are You: Savanna Or Eleanor?

Find out which sass-nasty girl you're most like!

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  1. On a night out, which drink would you order?

    Sex on the Beach
    Vodka Water
    Dirty Shirley
    I don't care- anything as long as it gets me drunk
  2. What are your pregame jams?

    Dan Bilzerian
    Cult 45
  3. On a night in, what do you binge watch?

    Bobs Burgers
    That 70's Show
    One Tree Hill
  4. Cats or Dogs?

  5. How would you describe your drunk personality?

    Act like a completely different person
    Act like a wilder version of yourself
    Take videos/pics
  6. Favorite Bar in Auburn?

    Any bar thats litty
  7. Go-to Oldies Band

    Led Zeppelin
    The Rolling Stones
    Michael Jackson
  8. Favorite Sweet Treat

    Cookies fresh out of the oven
  9. Hot Dogs or Corn Dogs

    Hot dog
    Corn dog
  10. How much $$ do you spend at Starbucks per week?

    Usually none
    No more than $10
    Lets just say they know my order by heart
  11. Whats your ideal vacation?

    Somewhere tropical
    Traveling Europe
  12. What is your go-to nail color?

    Dark red
  13. How often do you get sick?

    Almost never
    1-2 times a year
    1-2 a semester
    I have had the same cough for two months
  14. Tacos or Burritos?

  15. Your workout consists of....

    Anything but running
    On the rare occasion I workout I go hard
    Lmao as if I workout
  16. When drunk you're most likely to....

    Call random people
    Snapchat everyone
    Ask people to take your picture
    Force people to do things
  17. Catchphrases

    I'm dead
  18. Favorite Holiday

    Fourth of July
    St. Patricks Day
  19. Favorite Character on Suite Life of Zack and Cody

    Zack, duh
    Cody of course
  20. Favorite Auburn on Campus Food

    Wellness Kitchen
    Chicken Salad Chick
    Terra Nova Salads
    Panda Express

Which Are You: Savanna Or Eleanor?

You got: Savanna

Congrats!! You got the most supercilious girl on all of the plains! You may be told you laugh too much, but hey is that really a bad thing? Enjoy those nights out, but when you get tired, always remember Michael Jordan takes naps, so you should too ;)

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You got: Eleanor

Congrats! You got everyone's favorite fun-loving girly! Some may describe you as crazy but hey all the greats are! Live every night like you don't have class the next morning - keep on doin you!

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