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Top 5 Rape Shirts (SFW)

Recently, while purusing one of my favorite womens' rights websites, I was alerted to a hot new clothing trend: rape shirts. Here are some of the finest examples.

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  • 1. It's not rape if you yell SURPRISE

    This one has really embellished the word "surprise!". It's more effort than a lot of rape shirt designers have put in.

  • 2. Sometimes No Means Yes

    This one is pretty basic, but expresses itself very clearly.


    For people date-rapists. Who, I do not think are quite the same as "rapist" rapists, in The View sense.

  • 4. Don't Turn This Rape Into A Murder

    I can't tell if this is technically a pro-rape shirt or not. It might be more of an advisory once things get going.

  • 5. I Rape Noobs

    I am considering purchasing this one for my nephew; he likes both computers and young women.