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15 Reasons To Have A Margarita Right Now

In honor of your greatness, you deserve to treat yourself. Shake it up with Sauza® Tequila for the most magical marg you'll ever taste.

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Here, play a fun little ditty to get in the mooooood.

1. You managed to put your shoes on this morning — good job, you!


Maybe you went the extra mile and wore heels.

2. You did or did not spill coffee today, super! / Via

At least you got some in your mouth.

3. You took a breath of fresh air! Yippee! / Via

You also left your home and a grand piano didn’t fall on your head. You are so lucky.

4. You are reading this post! Groovy!

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

You can read, and that is talent you should be proud of.

5. You have a feeling it’s almost summer, and you are correct!


Technically it’s always almost summer, so.

6. You cleaned something today, awesome!


You saw a dust bunny on the floor, then named her Trish.

7. You have a dainty lady glass to drink out of! Coolness!

True Blood / Courtesy of HBO / Via

You have cups in your home and don't have to use your hands to drink from. That says a lot.

8. You fed your dog! High five!

If you don't have a dog, you're looking at a Husky puppy tucked up in the fridge right now.

9. You don't want your BFF to be drinking alone, duh!


Even if you're your own BFF, that still counts.

10. You're having a great hair day, pretty!


You also have hair on your body.

11. Your boss is a mean panda, rude!


One day you'll grow up to be a nice panda.

12. You finally figured out how to use your blender, smartie pants!


You can put anything you want in it. Even a pickle or a short stack of pancakes.

13. You have TV shows to watch, sweeeeeeet!


You can watch something funny OR something dramatic. Or both! You have so many options.

14. You are a fabulous individual! Work it!


You can walk and you can smile for miles and miles and miles.

15. Simply put, margaritas are just damn delicious.


That's enough of a reason right there!

So pour some Sauza® Tequila into a refreshing, chilled margarita and enjoy it!

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