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What Gay Marriage Means To Me As A Young Member Of The LGBTQ Community

This is my take on marriage and how the Supreme Court ruling affects me.

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How Gay Marriage Ties Into My Life

I am a bisexual young woman living in a state that, so far, does not treat its citizens equally. Living in California has been hell for the last couple of years. Before a couple days ago, it has annoyed me and sometimes angered me to know that I would not be able to get married in the comfort of my own community due to my sexuality. Over the years I have been picturing myself in a relationship with a woman. It angered me to know that if I were in said relationship, it would not be recognized. It angered me that I would not have visitation rights if she were hospitalized. It angered me that I would have no say in what would happen to her if she were to pass away. It angered me that I would not have the same rights that all of my straight friends would have if they were in relationships. It angered me for years and years. Every day, I would walk down my school hallway and look at all of the straight couples and feel very jealous. I was not jealous of the fact that they were in relationships. I was jealous of the fact that they could get married the second they turned eighteen while the majority of people in same-sex relationships do not have that right and must depend on the votes of people they do not know to get it. I thought about them having families and being accepted by everyone. I then started to picture all of the gay couples in the world receiving dirty looks just for being in love and having a family of their own. I then started to tear up. I walked to my class with my head down and my heart filled with nothing but sadness. It was at that exact moment that I felt like a second-class citizen. I felt that way for years. I would hear people speak against equal rights for members of the LGBT community and argue with them in my head. I had a lot of things to say. Good things. Speaking about gay rights felt natural. I then realized that I was born to do so. I was born to speak on the behalf of the minority; I was born to fight for my rights and the rights of others. I believe that we as American citizens should all have the same exact rights. To me, marriage is the union of people who are in love with each other and are committed to each other regardless of their sexuality. We were all created equal therefor we should be treated equally. I know that some people are against gay rights and some people are against homosexuality in general. I believe that the beliefs or preferences of others should NEVER make a negative impact regarding someone's civil rights. I believe that we should not be able to vote against equal rights for all U.S. citizens.I hope that the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay rights. I hope that one day; every American of every creed will be able to get married any state he or she chooses. I want to be able walk down the street and see both families with straight parents and families with gay parents. I want us all to be treated equally. I know that it has been a long time coming but one day I will see this. To those who are in favor of gay rights, we WILL get closer and closer to equality in the United States. To those against gay rights, you are losing. Gay marriage does not affect you or your children (unless any of you are gay, then you have equal rights). Allowing gays to marry will not result in a divorce between you and your spouse. Your children will not be taken away by gay people. Your church will not close or explode. Once again, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF GAYS ARE TREATED EQUALLY. IT WILL MAKE THE WORLD A MUCH BETTER PLACE IF GAYS ARE GRANTED THE RIGHT TO MARRY. Come to the light side, we have cookies. Last but not least, marriage means the world to me. It means that I can start a family, feel fulfilled, and feel closer to my future spouse if that person is a woman. Please grant me the right that I am entitled to as an American citizen.

PS. If gay marriage is made legal, it better not become illegal again three days later like it did in 2008. Seriously! Gay marriage was legal in California just long enough for Ellen DeGeneres to get married (Thank God!). Here is a shortened version of what happened:

Gay marriage is legalized….two days later, Ellen gets married…3 hours after the wedding reception, gay marriage becomes illegal.

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