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Fear No More People Who Think Gay Marriage Is Wrong!

Prepare to learn.

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You ready? You sure? Don't lie to me!!!!!

1. Let us start off on a simple note. GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT WRONG EITHER!!!!!!!!!!! If you disagree, please KEEP READING. You may just learn a few things.

2. Many of you believe that God does not support homosexuality. Many of you also believe that homosexuality is a sin due to the contents of the Bible. The Bible also says that eating shellfish is wrong and that women should never speak in church. Did you ever think that maybe there is an ounce of bullshit in Bible? Odds are you are not okay with the shellfish part because you like to eat crab and shrimp. If you were attracted to people of the same sex, you would not be okay with the homosexuality part of the Bible.

3. Many of you believe that God created marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This is not what marriage was during Biblical times. Marriage was a property exchange before it was redefined. A man would give another man his daughter and that man would keep her, and she would grow. Do you see how it is similar to a property exchange? Polygamy was also very popular during Biblical times. King Solomon had 700 wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines. Allowing gay couples to get married will not change the definition of marriage. It will establish the definition of marriage as the union between people who love each other and are committed to each other.

4. Many people believe that gay marriage should not be legal because it goes against their religion. You CHOSE that religion and abide by its laws and the beliefs it requires YOU to have. WE DID NOT!!!!! We do not have to live by your rules, your God's rules, or the rules listed out in whatever book that you base your life off of. We live by the rules established by the United States Government. Would you seriously vote to deny someone their rights because you believe that THEIR actions are wrong?! If you believe that two people of the same sex loving each other is wrong, then you need either get over it or abstain from voting against it.

5. Many people believe that allowing gay couples to marry will ruin the sanctity of marriage. WHAT. THE. HELL. Okay. If something is sacred just because it excludes good people then guess what? IT IS NOT SACRED AT ALL. Equality and happiness will just make marriage more sacred.

6. Many people believe that allowing gay couples to marry will result in homosexuality being taught in our schools. Homosexuality is already being spoken of in many high schools around the country. Gay sex is not going to be taught in elementary schools if gay marriage becomes legal. The struggles that homosexuals went through might be taught to kids when they are older and a little more mature. These teachings will encourage the kids of tomorrow to love themselves for who they are whether they are gay, straight, bisexual, or any other type of sexuality. When those kids come home and ask about the LGBT civil rights movement, don't you think that it would be cool to say that you were on the right side, and you fought for equality? That would be awesome!

7. Many people believe that gays should not be able to marry because they cannot procreate. What about people who are infertile or the elderly? Should we deny them the right to marry or strip them of said right simply because they cannot procreate.

8. Many people also believe that gays should not be able to marry because it will negatively affect children. Gay marriage will never negatively affect children. It will put more children on this earth and give children in foster homes loving families. Statistically, children of same-sex couples grow up just as well, if not better than, children of heterosexual couples.Gay couples cannot have children simply by having sexual intercourse. There must be a sperm and an egg. In a same sex relationship, there are either sperm or eggs. Never both. Same-sex couples must either go through the adoption process, hire a surrogate mother, or have sperm put into them vaginally in order to have a child. There is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy between two men or two women. Gay couples actually have to try harder than most straight couples in order to have a baby. When one tries hard to receive something or someone, they never take it or that person for granted. Gay couples have worked very hard to have their children, and they raise those children often better than most straight couples raise their kids. Children of gay couples do well in school and go to college due to the fact that they have appreciative and hardworking parents. For example, Zach Wold is the son of two amazing and loving women. He spoke at the Democratic National Convention, has written a best selling book, and owns his very own small business. He is an amazing man. This proves one thing and one thing only. The sexuality of one's parents does not define the content of their character.

9. In conclusion, THE LOVE BETWEEN TWO MEN OR TWO WOMEN IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE LOVE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. Do not hate on gays because of your religion. From what I know about God, he is all about love and equality. Be like that God. Be like...Good Guy God!!!! You can worship God AND support gay rights.

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