35 Signs You Grew Up In North Edison

It’s all about Noside, baby!

1. You’ve called for the secession of South Edison.

2. Your friends were taking AP classes in 6th grade.

3. Nothing was better than your annual trips to Camp Bernie during elementary school.

4. Athletes? More like MATHletes…

5. Half days at school = lunch at Taco Bell

6. Your reaction when Pizza Hut turned into Sukhadia Sweets…

7. Or when Movie City 6 stopped showing American movies…

8. But your parents were like…

(Indian parents only)

9. Nothing is scarier than driving down Oak Tree Road.

10. “Mom, can I go to Ravi’s party on Friday night?”

11. A part of you died when James Madison demolished the tire park.

12. You ate a lifetime’s worth of oranges during youth soccer games.

13. Normal license plates are hard to find.

14. You spent many nights at the Bishop Ahr carnival picking up chicks.

15. …while the girls got their flirt on at the St. Joes dances.

17. Against Edison High, we looked like this…

18. But against St. Joes, it was more like this…

19. Either way, it all started here.

20. On a Friday night, you were probably here…

21. Or here…

22. No wait, you were definitely here.

23. Most birthday parties were hosted here…

25. You partied it up in Seaside after Junior Prom.

26. …and in Wildwood after Senior Prom.

27. Over 21? You were here WAY too often.

28. Getting to Metropark was like…

29. 75% of your classmates were Patel’s, Shah’s and Lee’s.

30. …and they all became doctors, engineers and pharmacists.

31. You can only think of the word “hilltop” in one context.

32. “You’re from Edison? OMG aren’t there so many Asians there?”

33. You’re proud of our squeaky-clean Police Department.

Via nj.com

34. You vow to get out of here as soon as you can…

35. But deep down inside, you loved growing up in Edison and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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