17 Trademarks Of “The Cosby Show”

Over the years, we’ve come to expect certain things from the Huxtable gang.

1. Amazing sweaters.

2. The toughness of Clair…

3. …and the goofiness of Cliff.

4. Random college gear.

5. Cliff cheating on his diet.

6. Good ol’ home cookin’.

…what the hell is Sondra wearing?

7. Theme nights at the Huxtable residence.

Cliff and Clair’s prom.

Huxtable Halloween party.

The smooth contest.

The $25 romance contest.

8. Family performances.

9. Guest appearances from legendary musicians.

Stevie Wonder

Tito Puente, Art Blakey and “Patato” Valdes

10. The wisdom of Kenny’s brother.

Speaking of male chauvinism…

11. Elvin Tibideaux’s stupid remarks.

12. Epic nicknames.

13. Theo’s raps.

Great Caesar’s ghost!

14. Dating drama.

Theo and Justine

Vanessa and Robert

Vanessa and Dabnis

Rudy and Stanley (RIP Merlin Santana)

He wasn’t a serious boyfriend, but I couldn’t leave out Eddie…

15. Adorable kids.

That’s Alicia Keys by the way!

16. Cliff’s “dancing”.

17. And most importantly, a touch of culture and history.

Cheers to the Huxtable crew!

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