13 Great Characters From "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

Everyone loves Will, Carlton, Jazz, and the rest of the Banks crew. These 13 secondary characters and extras, however, were equally memorable.

1. Kellogg “Cornflake” Lieberbaum

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover: Cornflake was a brotha’ at heart.

He defended Will at his expulsion hearing, used urban slang, staged a sit-in, and sang Negro spirituals with an unparalleled zeal.

2. “Whitey” Cornfeld

Norma and “Whitey” Cornfeld were prospective clients being courted by Uncle Phil…

…but his nickname caused all kinds of problems.

Oh Whitey…

3. Bob

When Will and Carlton are arrested for “stealing” Henry Firth’s Mercedes, they meet Bob in jail.

There’s nothing better than a hardened criminal in a denim vest singing “Go Down Moses”.

4. Tyriq Johnson

What’s not to love about Ty?

He’s Bel-Air’s oldest tenth grader, a fan of Laverne and Shirley reruns, and the son of a man named Winky.

5. Carl Robertson

The great Sherman Hemsley (RIP) played the role of Judge Carl Robertson, a one-time mentor and eventual opponent of Uncle Phil.

He was known for his witty antics, shrewd behavior, and hilarious one-liners.

Although he dropped dead at Will’s insistence, Judge Robertson’s absent-minded buffoonery lives on forever.

6. Jameson Whitworth

Jameson was a superstitious client of Uncle Phil’s who thought Will was his good-luck charm.

He even stuffed his dead dog Sparky, who served as his main advisor.

Stuffing a dead dog? Yeah this guy was weird as hell…

This episode also gave us one of Will’s best dances in the entire series.

7. Incompetent Civil Service Worker

Remember the fireman who came to the house after Will burnt down the kitchen?

…or the EMT in the ambulance when Uncle Phil had a heart attack?

How about the park ranger that looked for Will and his girlfriend’s dad after their plane crashed?

…and that guy from the Crisis Intervention Unit? Yup, all played by the same bumbling fool!

8. Community Center Rapper

Will thought he’d be featured on a news segment about saving a community center. They replaced him with this Grammy Award-winning rapper…

Straight FIRE.

9. Ed Downer

Dude had some amazing pickup lines.

His smooth talkin’ got him a midnight smooch session with Granny.

10. Big Bertha

Will was placed into witness protection after Robbie Barone tried to kill him.

After settling into his new environment, Will met his future wife and baby momma: Big Bertha.

An interracial wedding in Deliverance, Alabama? That’s gotta be a first…

This voluptuous gal had an uncanny resemblance to Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

11. Derek

OK, his name was Derek on the show, but let’s face it: he’ll always be Steve Urkel. He was the Banks’ neighbor for many years before moving away.

He also tried to take Ashley’s v-card. How could he betray Laura Winslow like that?!

12. Cindy

Lisa Turtle had enough of Zack and Slater, so she came crawling back to Carlton.

She told Carlton that he was the father of her child, even though they never had sex.

What a hussy…

13. Miss Sharpe

Not only was she super foine, but she gave us this unforgettable scene…

And with that, I leave you with this gem.

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