Why Dirty Dancing Is The Best Movie Of All Time

After watching Dirty Dancing for the 1000th time on TV, I realized why it is the greatest greatest movie of all time… forbidden love, socio-economic differences, and the power of DANCE! This is the Top Ten moments when you fell in love and knew all was good in the world.

1. The first time Johnny brings Baby to the dance floor and you feel like he’s beckoning you

2. When Patrick Swayze first touched Jennifer Grey’s underarm and she didn’t giggle

3. Silly dancing on trees is the most ROMANTIC THING TO DO


5. The first time Patrick Swayze dips Jennifer Grey in front of everyone

6. When Baby and Johnny have to say good bye and “She’s Like the Wind” fades in (WHICH IS SUNG BY PATRICK SWAYZE & YOU FEEL HIS PAIN!)

7. Their love was so real on film, these black and white photos all over the internet make you think Johnny and Baby are old, gray, and still dancing SOMEWHERE…possibly the same town where the notebook was filmed.

8. When Baby’s Daddy saw her for REAL LIFE the first time and you know he finally approved of Johnny despite his lowly status as a dance instructor

9. When Baby ran down the aisle to her man and he lifted her up and you knew they empowered everyone in the room and anyone who ever watched this amazing movie!

10. Lastly, when everyone started dancing and the world officially changed…

Via google images

- Time of My Life became a legendary song (despite Black Eyed Peas terrible rendition)
- Pretty sure this scene starts the idea of Flash Mobs
- Love can overcome ALL


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